Quo-incidence - Paul Reading - Lead guitar/vocals

Paul Reading - Lead guitar/vocals

Quo-incidence - Mark Hough - Rhythm guitar/vocals
Mark Hough - Rhythm guitar/vocals
Quo-incidence - Chris Thorley - Bass/vocals
Chris Thorley - Bass/vocals 
Quo-incidence - Justin Chambers - Drums
Justin Chambers - Drums
Quo-incidence, a tribute to Status Quo - Simon Cooper

On July 10th 2016, our friend and drummer Simon sadly passed away after battling lung cancer.

Si was a huge Quo fan who also worked with Status Quo as one of thier official photographers.

He brought commitment, passion and energy to Quo-incidence and loved playing... and his performance reflected his enthusiam... We are fortunate and greatful to have had the chance to play alongside him.


He will be greatly missed by us all in the band and our thoughts remain with his family and friends.


Thanks Si, we're gonna miss you mate... Paul, Mark & Chris x

Quo-incidence, a tribute to Status Quo - Simon Cooper
RIP Simon Cooper  28/12/82 - 10/07/16