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Andy Allen  

Looking forward to the next time you play there. I am in a rockband that goes by the name of Qudos, we are not a tribute band,we are a covers band. Hope all future gigs go really well for you, I can tell you all enjoy what you do and always put on a great performance. The blend of old and new stuff really works well,it pleases everyone.Thanks again for a great night.


Roger Bray


Saw you for the first time at Taunton, wow!! wot a show, loved every minute of it can.t wait to see you lot at Swindon (well hopefully).

Hope lectrics were OK at Plymouth.

Oh, Thanks for signing jacket.


Dean Phillips

Another great performance lads. Saw you in the Hog in Pontypool last year and this gig was just as good. Could have done with a few more there but those who didn't attend missed a very good show. Hope to catch up with you back this side of the bridge again soon. :-)

*Comment taken from QI Facebook page*


danielquo (Status Quo message board)

Last night Bolton was given a right royal Quoing over!!

A nice little music pub The Railway, nice stage, great lighting and a crowd that from the word go was up for the gig from Huffy's opening F chord of Caroline the boys,girls,ladies,gents and any other living creature present was in the groove!

The usual floater songs have to be played I dont care what any other tribute band says 'Rockin' All Over The World, Down Down, Whatever You Want etc always go down well!!

Worth pointing out Dirty Water went down brilliant and Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh from the crowd was excellent!!

During gaps between every song the Quoooooooo chant rang out around the place!!

A fantastic version of 'Movin On' and 'Rock N Roll N You'were played to my and every others suprise and yet again top notch!!

Burning Bridges and Hold You Back had the crowd jumping up and and down!!!

Credit were credit is due last night totally kicked some arse!!!

Get ya bums to see these next time they play a gig near you!!

If your anywhere near Grimsby next weekend when they next play you'll be a fool not to go and see them!!!

*comment taken from Status Quo message board*


Mick Holliday

Mudeford WMC – Saturday 3rd December 2011 - Carlsberg don’t do tribute bands!!!!

Had an absolutely cracking night, authentic sound, great set-list and just a really good vibe, definitely do justice to the real thing, if you love Quo and want a blast check these guys out… BRILLIANT!!!!!  

Thanks guys, what a way to celebrate my 50th Birthday!!!!! – Keep on Rocking!!

Mick H



Sally Luxon

Hi thanks for a brilliant night sounded like the real thing did yrselves proud look forward to seeing you again at pen and quill in may




Saw u guys at the Newt beer fest last night. I was the one at the front  who knew all the lyrics!! Fantastic performance guys & I loved it. Im a great fan of the early stuff especially Railroad & Softer ride. Roll over was excellent. Only one thing, Most of the time wqas good but you missed out the heavy part!! Never mind.

I'll watch ur website & catch u again very soon! Thanks for the Pic Mark. I'll b using it tonigh in my own band!

Thanks & well done.



S Peberdy

saw you in chester last week, apsolutley fantastic the best tribute band we have seen for along time you have gained two new fans, thanks for a great night and for reintroducing us to status quo, once again awesome band.THANKS.

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Newbury Rock & Blues, The Canal Bar